May is Asian Heritage Month - artists and industry, join the CanAsian Arts Network now!
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Artists: 1. Kim-Sanh Châu 📷 : Festival Accès Asie 3. Kama La Mackerel Artists: 1. Kim-Sanh Châu 📷 : Festival Accès Asie 3. Kama La Mackerel

CanAsian Arts Network

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Are you an Asian Canadian artist? Collaborate, connect, showcase your work, promote your events and access resources - sign up below. Are you an industry representative? Start networking with artists - join us! Building community and increasing representation for Canadian Asian artists through an online networking and promotional space designed by artists, for artists and industry and benefitting all Canadians. Discover the talent of CanAsian artists today!

May is Asian Heritage Month!

Join us in celebrating the rich and diverse community of Asian Canadian artists from coast to coast to coast. Check out our May 2023 programming for our CanAsian Arts On The Move artist showcase and for our new series of online workshops for artists. It's a full month of programming for all Canadians!

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CanAsian Arts On The Move

CanAsian Arts On The Move is a two-day showcase of Asian Canadian talent from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. Join us May 25th and 26th for film screenings, music, dance, poetry and much more. A feast for the senses!

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Workshops for Artists

New video and podcast series of workshops and community conversations launched as part of CanAsian Arts Network’s commitment to both digital literacy and reducing barriers for Asian Canadian artists. Topics as varied as decolonization, business practices, promotion, financial literacy and grant writing will be presented and discussed by Asian Canadian and First Nations subject matter experts. Debuts May 8th.

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Are you a Canadian Asian artist? This space belongs to you. Creatives are invited to gather in this online community which hopes to foster collaboration, increase visibility and improve representation.

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On the lookout for great talent? Want to connect with CanAsian artists? We’ve created this platform to help you discover and engage with talent locally, and from coast to coast. Join us!

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Are you engaged with the Canadian Asian arts community? Do you want to lend your financial and in-kind support to the CanAsian Arts Network? Learn how you can become a partner.

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