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CanAsian Arts Network

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Are you an Asian Canadian artist? Collaborate, connect, showcase your work, promote your events and access resources - sign up below. Are you an industry representative? Start networking with artists - join us! Building community and increasing representation for Canadian Asian artists through an online networking and promotional space designed by artists, for artists and industry and benefitting all Canadians. Discover the talent of CanAsian artists today!

The Artist

Shion Skye Carter (she/they) is a dance artist originally from Gifu, Japan, who lives and dedicates time to her artistic practice in Vancouver, Canada as a guest on the unceded, ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples. Through choreography hybridized with heritage artforms that interact with digital and sculptural objects, Shion’s work looks inward to the facets of her intersectional identity as a lens to process the world around her.

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The Work

Residuals (住み・墨) is a solo dance performance that draws visual, sonic, and physical influences from Japanese calligraphy, through an exploration of personal and ancestral history. Dynamic brushstrokes inform Shion’s movement as she dances among sheets of translucent paper, evoking an abstracted memory of her Japanese grandparents’ rural home. Reliving these memories sparks a journey of self-discovery, where the layers of her identity begin to unfurl. Creation/performance: Shion Skye Carter

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The Vision

An artist’s personal ethnographic history inevitably makes its way into their work; I feel that being a Japanese immigrant with mixed heritage infuses my work with the image and feeling of a body embedding itself into unfamiliar environments. Through this lens, I examine how movement can be used to process and re-evaluate our relationships to one another and the world around us.

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