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Movie Director
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A movie director from 2014. Having worked in the media arts since 1993, shaped by the NFB, FAVA, and top professionals in the film and music industry, I have had the unique privilege of bringing my lived experience to communities I serve.

  • Déclaration de l'artiste

    A story becomes art when it comes to life at the cross hairs of the teller and the audience experiencing it. To make it happen is also an art where all the craftspeople pull together with a design that can only happen as it does.

  • Ce que je crée

    CanNatyam, is a platform for Indian classical music and dance in Canada to practice, create, develop, produce, present and tour their work for any audience.

Où j'en suis dans mon parcours de décolonisation

In 2016, a South Asian documentation project at the Provincial Archives of Alberta revealed their absence from private records. 2 centuries worth of lived history remains near lost across the colonized planet. To prevent migrant stories from becoming Jurassic Parks, I find and view them with a contemporary lens.