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Autistic Artist
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About the Artist

Benjamin Lachapelle (self described “Animal Knower”) is a 21 year old Canadian autistic artist and author-illustrator of children’s books from Quebec. Diagnosed with autism at age 3, he is a multidisciplinary artist with a singular focus on animals, his passion since he was a young child. Ben uses art to manage his feelings and express himself. He channels his joys and his anxieties for animals through his paintings, sculptures, stories, and illustrations. His work has been exhibited in numerous events and commissioned by organizations, businesses, and private collectors throughout North America.

Extinction Protest Series (EPS) is a collection of paintings Ben began in 2019 upon hearing a United Nations report that 1 million species were threatened with extinction because of habitat destruction and climate change. Each painting is a manifestation of Ben’s intense love for animals and his frustrations over the inadequate global response to environmental crises. Going into Year 5, EPS is Ben’s call-to-action act for the planet, biodiversity and the animals.

Benjamin has written and illustrated several children’s books including How Tall is a Yeti? and Pace-Ants (a book about patience). Each book provides a unique glimpse into Ben’s rich inner world as an autistic creative. Ben enjoys reading his stories at elementary schools to share his love for animals and promote autism acceptance and inclusion.

Ben is very proud of his French-Canadian-Chinese heritage and is an advocate for diversity in all its forms (multiculturalism, neurodiversity and biodiversity).